Anonymous asked:

Do you think Niall would ever cheat on his girlfriend? Or like use the fans for sex? Because I love him to death but after all of these rumours he kind of seems like a player...

niallslittle answered:

He is a ladiesman but there is a difference between sleeping with women who are not in relationship, willing to sleep with him and fully aware of what they’re doing ( which is what he does ) AND cheating, using and being a dick to a people ( which is NOT what he does ).

He’s young and he deserves all the pussy in the world but he would never touch one that is reserved for the man the woman is in a relationship with.

One Direction Happines

I hate it when girls/boys (I don’t wanna to be sexist, I have some guy directioners as friends) say, “oh I’m a (I’m just choosing a random boy) Liam girl/boy but I ship happiness.” And then you ask if she/he likes one of the boys current girlfriend and then they’re like “No I hate her, that bitch can go kill herself.” NO. Either you ship all their happiness or you don’t ship happiness. I can’t control that you don’t ship happiness but it just drives me crazy when someone says they ship happiness and they hate 3 of the guys’ girlfriends.






he lowers his wand because he knows that scene. A woman jumps in front of Harry willing to protect him with her own life. He didn’t see this with his own eyes but the resemblance literally disarms him for a moment before he can keep on playing his role.

Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.


i never made that connection and now i am screaming/crying wtf tumblr